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05/26/2010     Department of Child Support Services Launches BART Advertising Campaign

    “I need help” is a statement heard too often by Contra Costa County’s Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) staff. Callers and visitors to the office include those caring for children who receive no child support or inconsistent support, those with reduced income, have lost their job, or cannot afford an attorney. Others want to take advantage of Child Support’s payment options, accounting services and assistance to modify orders.

    While the economy shows signs of turning around, many families are still struggling. DCSS is launching a BART advertising campaign to inform parents who pay or receive child support that there is help. “We realize that there is a perception that government agencies’ services are for those on public assistance,” stated Linda Dippel, Director. “We want to let the public know that our services are available to all with minor children including individuals with court-ordered child support. Our goal is to ensure consistent, fair support for children.” Dippel continued, “Our services are free. We are funded by the state and federal government.”

DCSS offers:
    - Pay by no fee credit card, automatic withdrawal, check or money order
    - Receive payments by direct deposit, check or electronic pay card
    - Access payment information on a secure web site within 48 hours with 10% state mandated interest applied to unpaid support and monthly statements sent to both parties
    - Modification of support orders when situations change

    DCSS staff can locate absent parents by searching databases available only to government agencies. They can enforce court orders, even those issued by other states, through wage assignments, intercepts of unemployment, disability benefits, tax refunds and real estate liens.

    Both parents’ income and other factors determine the amount of child support which will be ordered by the court. Dippel invites individuals with questions to visit the department’s facebook page, web site or to call or visit the office. (Contact information follows.) Dippel states, “Opening a case electronically is easy, secure and free at When finished, you can speed the process by submitting your application electronically. If you prefer, you may come in for an application or call to have one mailed to you – (866) 901-3212. Applications are available in English and Spanish and our staff is professional and friendly. Don’t wait until you need help”

For more information, contact:
Caroline Kelley, Public Information Officer
Tel. (925) 313-4439 or E-Mail:

To learn more about the Contra Costa County Department of Child Support Services, go to, click on Departments and Child Support Services; or visit us on Facebook.